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Our Services

Our Services

Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore oil and gas refers to the exploration, drilling, extraction and all various operations related to oil and gas located below the ocean seabed or anything which has to do with oil and gas underwater. We have worked extensively in the field of visualizations for this sector and have acquired some experience in it.

Offshore Animation

Fidar Offshore Animation Company has been focusing on the field of energy in the offshore sector for several years and is the leader in this field in the animation sector by gaining experience.
Our team is able to model all the complex processes and operations in the offshore sector in detail and provide the lowest time and lowest price of products in the international quality.

Motion graphics

Sometimes you don’t have to go for 3D animation to get your message across or promote your product! Motion graphics have a better impact.

Web Design

Our design team uses creativity to design the best website in the fastest time. At most one week !!


We are faced with projects that may require simulation of explosions,fire, smoke, particles,water,and so on.Our special effects team does this simulation well.Sometimes we have to use a combination of film and animation to introduce a product, so that the background of the real film is placed and the desired product is matched as an animation.


Single frame rendering is the need of many Clients. Reaching a flawless rendering requires creativity, finesse and knowledge. Our team meets this need well.

offshore animation

offshore animation



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Fidar Animation With a decade of experience in the field of 3D animation production, motion graphics industrial animation, website design and all the advertising needs of various types of business, Fidar Animation has gained enough experience in this field. We are a young and creative team that creates your mindset in the best possible way. We have entered the business world with the message “Pay less Get the Best” and we are proud to have been able to satisfy our customers in these ten years. Speed of work is one of our good features, in fact, you get the best job in the fastest time by paying the right price.

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Sat – Fri: 08:30am – 07:30pm

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