FloPower Animation

The Flopower animation project was defined by a Norwegian Client named Aarbakke Innovation AS in the year 2020 . The time duration of FloPower animation was 5 minutes. The subject of the FloPower animation was related to the generation of electricity by floating buoys in offshore field.

Rescue Boat

The free-fall lifeboat concept first came to light in 1897 when Swedish designer A.E. Falk patented a blueprint of an enclosed lifeboat capable of sliding off a ship stern. Thirty years later, the Bay and River Navigation Company’ s Capt White proposed a “unsinkable submarine lifeboat

Load Reduction

The Load Reduction Mooring Technology animation project was defined by a Irish client named Tfi Marine in the year 2021 . The time duration of animation was 2 minutes. The subject of the animation was related to increasing load capacity in floating offshore wind mooring systems by TFI springs.