Technical 3D Animation in Digital Marketing and Advertising

In your advertising and marketing campaign; 3D animation is the most effective tool. In comparison to text, images and traditional videos, a professional technical 3D animation demonstrates your service or product in ways that other media types can’t do.

Need of a brief and exclusive content has been increased, because of immediacy and lack of time in every person’s life. In the other hand, because of huge marketing content that’s scattered all over the internet and social media, people’s experience about digital content has been raised to a higher level, and they’re calling for information and content in a more interesting and engaging way.

By using 3D animation, you can deliver more comprehensible, memorable, and eye catching marketing content to your customers or business partners, that causes raise in your sales.

In this article, we’ll talk about using technical 3D animation in marketing and advertising. We’ll discuss the benefits, share some examples, and see what the future of 3D animation industry looks like. To start off, let’s learn what do they mean when they say 3D marketing and advertising.


What’s the deference between 3D Advertising and 3D Marketing?

3D animations can be used in Digital Marketing and advertising. Generally, the words “Marketing” and “Advertising” look similar, but they have many differences that set them apart.

Marketing is a business practice that involves learning more about customer’s habits and behavior, then identifying their needs and consider ways to meet those needs. On the other hand, advertising is the practice where the company pays to place its messaging or branding in particular location. Businesses leverage advertising to promote their products or services for sale as well as establish corporate culture and branding.


7 Reasons Why Using technical 3D animation in Your Marketing and Advertising campaigns is important

  1. 3D Animation is Cost-Effective

Statistics show that 3D animation marketing concepts and advertising campaigns are more cost effective in comparison to traditional advertising campaigns. While it is true that you will have to invest some funds to hire a technical 3D animation specialist; it still requires fewer steps than having to organize photo or video shoots and finalize a prototype.

In 3D animation or modeling; the whole process is simplified, it means you will be able to make quick edits. Larger edits can be done in matter of minutes.

Technical 3D Animation: Offshore Installation Vessel
Offshore Installation Vessel
  1. Technical 3D Animation Provides You Premium Quality Content

Customers always want to see more and clearer details of a product or service they are considering to buy. They want to observe the experience of using a product. A Technical 3D Animation allows you to show every angle of the product with full details.

For example; showing insider parts of an offshore rig and showing how the whole machine does work, or demonstrating a medical procedure while using a new device.

Consumers want more acting space, they often want to see inside and out. All of us are used to observe a product or service from afar, while a human is demonstrating it. Technical 3D Animation puts the viewer in control and remove the distractions.

If you want to compare an image or drawing with a 3D model; using an image takes time and space to create and it’s not very comprehensive. On the other hand, a 3D model of a product, can show your idea by an amount of details and specifications that multiple images can’t. You can move the object around and have a 360-degree view of the product using its actual measures and realistic materials.


  1. Give Your Brand a Modern Look

In an advertising campaign using technical 3D animations is an excellent way to stand out from competitors in a unique style. An important part of marketing and advertising strategies is the ability to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Technical 3D Animation is one of the modern trends. Consumers love brands that embrace new trends, since no one likes outdated strategies. 3D visualization is a unique way to showcase your products, ideas and concepts.


  1. By 3D You Have Control Over Smaller Details


Details of a complex product or rig can’t be comprehended from normal pictures. Sometimes the value of a new product is in insider parts of it, or needs a complete view to be seen. For example; in order to see details and working procedure of large piece of machine, medical device or tool, or offshore rig, you need to send a sales person out to run a full product demo, that is time and money consuming. By giving the ability to explore the product in greater details using technical 3D animation, let the consumer drive the sales. This is the future of marketing. The happiest customers are the ones that are most educated and those that have the deepest understanding of what they’re getting.

Animated videos are a great way to explain a difficult concept

In 3D visualization, small details can be changed in a short time. And renders also with a good VFX became perfectly realistic.


  1. Technical 3D Animation Allows You to Separate Marketing and Production

To achieve success of any product or idea, most effective processes you can go through, are “Marketing” and “Production”. But the problem is; when a company runs a marketing campaign, the marketing team have to wait for the operations department to give them the prototypes. And sometimes finalizing a prototype can last for weeks. You can easily remove the dependency between two departments, by using 3D animation in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Which results increase in efficiency and output.


  1. You Can Show the Experience of Using Your Product

Marketing professionals say; don’t just sell and market the product. To attract customers, you should create an imagination of using the product, an experience or lifestyle.

You should show customers how your product or service changes their lives or work procedure.


  1. Improve Your Conversion Rates by 3D Animation

3D technology is so appealing, and it will increase conversion rates. Be among the first ones to implement technical 3D animation, to introduce something that your competitors don’t have.



In content marketing, you should be different. Competing rivals in your business is not easy, because of huge digital content that published in the internet every day.

3D animation lets you create a perfect showcase of your idea, service, or product with full details and specifications, and also you can show the experience of using it. This way, consumers feel the difference.

If you haven’t already started using 3D visualization, the next steps to improve your sales is up to you.